Quiet quitting and the importance of purpose at work

Generation Z and Millenials are known as the leading innovators of the market, full of goals and committed to their...

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Kadu Macedo
Wednesday, December 21, 2022
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Generation Z and Millenials are known as the leading innovators of the market, full of goals and committed to their ideals.

But if they’re like this, why are they silently resigning? What motivates them?

The answer is a need for clearer purpose and assertive communication.

Concern for mental health is also decisive. Burnout syndrome, the exhaustion from excessive and exhausting work, for example, was considered an occupational disease by WHO and one of the leading causes of mass layoffs and quitting.

Those issues are common in the current market and should definitely not be normalized. The logic is simple: unhealthy performances increase layoffs.

The Quitters

Half of the American workers are considered quitters according to Gallup research.

This term is frequently used and discussed especially on social networks. On Tiktok, for example, a 24 years old engineer called Khan, from New York gained visibility after reverberating the theme to his millions of followers.

Even songs have inspired quitting, like Beyónce's new album: Break My Soul, which was the checkpoint that caused a huge wave of layoffs in the US, which CNN and Bussiness Insider touted as a symbol of a movement called the “Great Resignation”.

And what do leaders have to do with all this?


As leaders, it’s necessary to take a stand on the problems of our employees, seek to understand their goals and dreams, and bring them to a safe place where mental health is prioritized, so that everyone feels comfortable dealing with their performance at work.


Showing the team how they contribute, their work's importance, and encouraging a career path are great ways to avoid creating a quiet quitter.

Remember: we work with people, not with machines.

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