Designing a branding for an international event - A Filecoin Case

Our team's goal was to develop an impactful and innovative brand identity that reflects Lisbon.

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Luiz Henrique
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Our team's goal was to develop an impactful and innovative brand identity that reflects Lisbon, the city where the international event happened, characteristics, and incorporates technology and Web3 elements. It was important for the design to come to life during the event and for the website to convey the experience of the event before the public arrived, which led us to be sought after for this project.

Introducing Filecoin

Filecoin Foundation is an important name in web3, as they coordinate and support the creation and improvement of open-source software and open protocols for decentralized data storage and retrieval networks.

Filecoin (Which is part of the Filecoin Foundation) is a Web3 Content Delivery Network (CDN) dashboard designed to allow Filecoin users to monitor the performance of leading file retrieval networks. The platform collects and processes data from a variety of data sources and presents real-time performance metrics in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand dashboard.

Our history with Filecoin

Our history started with a great event and an incredible proposal: to make FILLISBON a visually memorable and unique event, with exclusive aspects that refer to the location and make the visitors' experience special.

Our goal was to design the website and branding for the entire FILLISBON event and develop a visual concept that could be used across all kits, digital and physical promotional materials, and the event's unique website.

Our Process

The beginning of the process took place with a total immersion of seeking to understand the target audience in detail and how we could create a versatile brand that, in addition to being beautiful, is functional and creates relationships with the public.

Each one of the elements chosen for the visual identity, such as the color palette and typography, was thought out in detail to relate to the Portuguese aesthetic.

With this step completed, we directed our efforts toward creating an interface that spoke directly with the proposed visual identity. Bringing through friendly micro-interactions and brand elements in a timely manner, creating a pattern and consistency in our results.


The brand personality was defined with all two possible applications in mind. The visual identity talks directly with the environment that is inserted, creating ties, relationships and memories that bring a sense of belonging to the environment.

Our Results

The result of all this is a set of elements coexisting in a consistent way. Whether physical or digital products, the brand and its versatility are spread everywhere, proving to be easily applied in different contexts.

For the website, we created a friendly and intuitive experience, with small animations and micro-interactions that brought life and beauty to the interface. In addition, all web development work was carried out keeping in mind the responsiveness of the page for any device. All of this is part of our projects' wide range of results, following technology market accessibility standards.


The story continues

Our partnership with Filecoin has escalated to incredible products, with the opportunity to contribute even more to their growth. Our next projects together will have the same attention to detail, with a committed team full of enthusiasm to build the future in an accessible, intuitive and Lit way.