LIT Collective at Women in EthereumBR: Strengthening Female Participation in Technology and Web3

Ethereum Brasil hosted an innovative event with the aim of strengthening women's participation in Web3 technology.

Written by:

Ana Clara
5 min

Ethereum Brazil organized an innovative event with the purpose of enhancing women's participation in technology and the Web3 ecosystem. Initiated at Ethereum Rio 23, Women in EthereumBR made its way to São Paulo, bringing together over 100 women leaders and enthusiasts in Blockchain technology. This forum highlighted the pivotal role of women in the Web3 revolution.

LIT Collective had the honor of participating in this prominent event, represented by our CEO, Cecília Veloso. Her presence and contribution were essential in sharing the vision and achievements of our startup in the Web3 landscape.

Throughout the event, lectures and panels were conducted with renowned experts in Web3, addressing topics such as entrepreneurship, decentralized application development, and career opportunities in the sector. It provided an opportunity for influential women to connect, strengthening their networks and promoting future collaborations.

As a company committed to diversity and inclusion, we value the importance of events like Women in EthereumBR to drive female participation in technology. It was an inspiring initiative with the primary goal of promoting visibility and recognition of the vital role women play in the Web3 ecosystem, within a renowned event like Ethereum São Paulo.


LIT's participation reinforced what we believe: through events like this, we can boost female participation and create a more equitable and innovative environment for all.