These collections of NFTs represent the love for kittens and for those who are abandoned, still without family. Pets change our lives, let's save theirs!

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How we started

Stakeholder meetings,
brainstorming sessions
and lots of coffee.

This project is very special because it is an NFT Collection with the purpose of raising funds to take care of needy kittens.

We started with the creation of a visual identity from scratch to apply to the interface, with further development in Webflow.

The process

The process involved a detailed study of the story behind the project, so that we could perfectly understand its purpose and target audience. Although it is within a web3 context, the client would like to see soft colors that convey tranquility. 

With that in mind, we designed a branding with pastel colors, which convey tranquility and care, as well as a logo that refers to the main idea of the project: the kittens.

After defining the visual identity, we applied branding to the user interface, combining the attractive look with an excellent user experience, trying to maintain good usability, with easy and intuitive actions. Finally, we developed the project in Webflow keeping consistency with the chosen design.

Our lit

A brand ready
for the future.

The result of this special work was a visual identity that perfectly aligned with the purpose, combined with an intuitive interface that catches the user's attention.

Thus, the ultimate goal of exposing the collection of NFTs in order to reach even more people is being achieved.

Just do Lit.

Start your lit journey. Let’s work together.

Last, but no least

A little more about
this brilliant delivery.

Mobile version, desktop, websites, web apps, and conventional apps. All this is part of the wide range of deliverables of our projects. All are responsive following the affordance standards of the technology market.

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