HandCash is a new kind of wallet connected to your digital life, which allows you to stream money across apps and games at lightning speeds.

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How we started

Stakeholder meetings,
brainstorming sessions
and lots of coffee.

We started by studying the brand and the products, in order to understand their goals and target audience.

With this, it was also possible to understand the needs and priorities of the customer, in order to work in alignment with their expectations.

The process

After studying the brand and aligning expectations with the customer, it was possible to understand the brand’s online presence and what needed to change to reach its full potential, increasing the number of users. 

We started with a branding update, to create a fresh version, keeping some striking elements for the product, such as the HandCash logo.

For this update, the client wanted to keep green as the main color and the current logo, in order to maintain the connection with the presence that they had already achieved in the market. 

From this, we developed a visual identity that refers to an innovative and youthful product, with modern colors and graphic elements related to speed and streaming, so that the central idea of the product, "streaming money", can be felt through the visual.

Our lit

A brand ready
for the future.

As a result, we ended up with a totally innovative visual identity, with attractive and modern colors, perfectly matching the product's target audience.

Through the mockups, we were able to visualize the incredible application of branding.

Just do Lit.

Start your lit journey. Let’s work together.

Last, but no least

A little more about
this brilliant delivery.

Mobile version, desktop, websites, web apps, and conventional apps. All this is part of the wide range of deliverables of our projects. All are responsive following the affordance standards of the technology market.

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