J0yrid3rZ is an NFT collection handmade within a world that you can dive into and have full ownership of.

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How we started

Stakeholder meetings,
brainstorming sessions
and lots of coffee.

We started by studying the NFT collection, which already had a well-defined branding. Then, after profoundly understanding the client and its target audience, we started to develop a user interface aligned with their visual identity and purpose.

The process

During the process, we took into account J0yRid3rs’ innovative purpose: people can collect a complete set of JRz and are not forced to choose, keep or trade, but keep access to the project. Thus, perfectly matching the concept of the collection, it has a daring aesthetic that attracts public attention for its Y2K aesthetic.

It was challenging to maintain good usability and at the same time be faithful to the aesthetic chosen by the client, as it refers to websites from the 2000s. However, we achieved a balance between the user experience and the user interface, which resulted in an intuitive and attractive website.

Our lit

A brand ready
for the future.

The result of this incredible work is an extremely user-friendly, intuitive website that stays true to its Y2K aesthetic. The purpose of something innovative was executed, with the guarantee of a wonderful UX.

Just do Lit.

Start your lit journey. Let’s work together.

Last, but no least

A little more about
this brilliant delivery.

Mobile version, desktop, websites, web apps, and conventional apps. All this is part of the wide range of deliverables of our projects. All are responsive following the affordance standards of the technology market.

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