Edify Online

EdifyOnline is a leading platform that connects qualified independent academic talent with teaching opportunities for prestigious institutions around the world.

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How we started

Stakeholder meetings,
brainstorming sessions
and lots of coffee.

The process started with lots of research. First, we studied their market, then aligned the business’ needs and goals, and when we had all the data we needed, we started to collect the users’ needs directly from them.

The process

Edify works by connecting academic teachers to Higher Education Institutions or International Programs in a practical and fast way, automating the registration process, and making it easier for professionals to meet the demands of vacancies. 

Our goal was to make the whole experience more intuitive and objective through the UX/UI Design processes, prioritizing easy navigation and clarity for users. 

We started it by defining the points to be improved through the exploration stage, using competitive analysis, reviews, and journey mapping, among other steps that we inserted through the project. 

Once it was finished, we tested and validated the new design with stakeholders so that everything was aligned with the business needs, with the market, and with the users. As a result, we had an efficient and beautiful platform.

Our lit

A brand ready
for the future.

We use the most modern, accessible, intuitive, and beautiful design trends and foundations as a base for our projects, and so we did on Edify to achieve the best results. Our team works with all stages of UI Design, designing high-fidelity products, design systems, and advanced prototypes.

All these steps were presented together with a Branding Design that was built to harmonize with the interface so that all color shades, graphic elements, and photographic styles could provide a better user experience using the EdifyOnline platform.

Just do Lit.

Start your lit journey. Let’s work together.

Last, but no least

A little more about
this brilliant delivery.

Mobile version, desktop, websites, web apps, and conventional apps.

All this is part of the wide range of deliverables of our projects. All are responsive following the affordance standards of the technology market.

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