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How we started

Stakeholder meetings,
brainstorming sessions
and lots of coffee.

For this project, we worked on UI/UX development and implementation in Webflow.

We started by analyzing the existing visual identity and the company’s target audience, in order to create a website with a consistent look and usability that meets the needs of the audience.

The process

Our goal was to develop a website that, in addition to being consistent with the visual identity already known by the public, has easy and agile usability, in order to align the user experience with the brand's purpose, which is to provide specific services to streamline customer processes.

After going through all the UX/UI design steps, we applied our knowledge in implementing this website on Webflow in order to keep the design faithful to the idealized prototype, so that all flow and animations were coherent with good usability so that the user can have agility and ease when using the website.

Our lit

A brand ready
for the future.

As a result, we delivered an extremely intuitive website, making the customer experience agile during the experience and attracting attention with an aesthetic aligned with the branding that is known by the target audience.

Also, the result of the implementation in Webflow remained faithful to the design, reaching the expectations of the client and its audience.

Just do Lit.

Start your lit journey. Let’s work together.

Last, but no least

A little more about
this brilliant delivery.

Mobile version, desktop, websites, web apps, and conventional apps. All this is part of the wide range of deliverables of our projects. All are responsive following the affordance standards of the technology market.

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